If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us info@myteamgiordana.co.uk

Why should I choose Giordana?

Our clothing is made in Italy which means we offer top quality and design. Everything is made to last. Compare us to other brands after 30 washes!

We have over thirty-five years of experience in the cycling community and continue to work closely with riders at all levels of the sport; including the top athletes in the world, to stay at the forefront of cycling innovation and technology. We offer a wide variety of proven quality garments, fabrics and chamois to accommodate all ability levels and every climate.

We own our own production factory which means that everything is under control whether your team consists of 5 members or 500+, this is what we do!

Behind the scenes, our factory produces for many other ‘top’ brands, such is our quality and reliability within the industry.

What is the lead time before delivery?

Delivery is typically 8-10 weeks, sometimes quicker. January and February are the busiest production months.

Our factory is in Italy and we close for holidays in August. We therefore request that any orders required pre-September are ordered by 1st June.

We also close for Christmas and advise placing your order by mid-October to receive items required pre-January.

Do you have size samples?

Yes – we understand the importance of a perfect fit and want you to get the most out of your ride apparel.

We recommend ordering a size sample kit to ensure the perfect size for all of your team members.

Download the size sample form to get started.

When do we need to pay?

Typically a 30% deposit is required at the point of placing an order with the balance due upon delivery.

What is the minimum order quantity?

10 of each garment

e.g. 10 x Men’s L/S jersey

10 x Women’s Bib Shorts etc.

What happens if I have a faulty item?

This doesn’t happen often, but please notify us as soon as possible to see what the best option is to resolve the issue. It may be repair or replacement subject to the extent and cause of the issue. Our warranty covers items up to 12 months.

Can we adapt our artwork for each order?

Artwork can be changed as many times as you need to make sure your team is happy with the layout and placing of logos/sponsors etc.

Are there different chamois in each range?

Each range comes with the highest quality chamois, infused with aloe vera gel and memory foam, it adapts to the riders body and each garment can be made with a male or female specific chamois.

What samples can we have?

Clubs are welcome to as many samples as needed, as long as these are returned to us after 14 days. We offer a wide range of samples from each range but please be advised not all sizes will be in stock.