Three ranges of clothing are available to suit a range of budgets and fit requirements. Samples are available to try upon request…


The Vero Collection provides the widest range of garments of any of our custom collections. Quality Italian fabrics, handmade construction and performance are all utilized in a fit that caters to cyclists at all levels.

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The Scatto Collection is the perfect blend of aerodynamic and technical fabrics with a less form fitting construction than the FR-C garments. This allows the rider to take advantage of the fabrics and features from our FR-C collection without the ‘second skin’ fit. The materials utilized are ideal for the sublimation process, which is one of many reasons this collection is the fastest growing custom category in our offering.

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FORMARED-CARBON is the elite apparel collection from Giordana. These award-winning pieces consistently set the bar for technical advancement, innovation and performance. FR-C garments contour perfectly to the body forming a ‘second skin’ that makes every movement natural and comfortable. The fabrics, features and level of detail in FR-C garments endow them with the fit and performance characteristics that other clothing simply can’t achieve and through the usage of printable materials the collection is now the cornerstone of our custom apparel offering.

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Accessories - Headwear

CYCLING CAP Screen printed 100% cotton drill caps are a terrific promotional item for sponsors or teams. Minimum order is 100 caps. Maximum 5 colors.

EARBAND/HEADCOVER The WindTex earband is designed up keep your head warm in cold conditions. The total minimum order is 10 pieces and can be combined with the head cover to reach the minimum with at least 10 of each style.

Skull Caps are available. Front panel is constructed with WindTex material. The remainder of the cap, including ear flaps, is made of Roubaix fabric. The minimum order is 30.

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Accessories - Socks & Gloves

SOCKS Custom socks are available in a regular, short or tall cuff height. Minimum order is 120 pairs.

LYCRA SUMMER GLOVES Racing style gloves with printed Moxie back. Kinderpoint™ palms grip bars well and are lightly padded for good road feel. Tab closure with Velcro® fastener. There is no print charge. Minimum order is 10

CORSA WINTER GLOVES A WindTex full-finger winter glove that shares the same artwork as the summer glove. Features light padding on the palm. Minimum order is 10.

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Accessories - Warmers

PRINTED ARM WARMERS Our arm warmers are identical to your long sleeve jersey artwork. There is no print charge. Made of breathable Super Roubaix fabric, they fit comfortably under your short sleeve jerseys for added warmth in colder conditions. Minimum is order of 10.

PRINTED KNEE & LEG WARMERS 100% printed knee and leg warmers made of breathable Super Roubaix fabric. The minimum order is 10 pieces of each style.

LYCRA & WINDTEX SHOE COVERS The Lycra shoecover is made of Moxie 200 gram fabric. The winter cover is WindTex fabric composed of three layers. The outermost layer is smooth and resistant to wind. The middle layer is a semi-permeable membrane that protects from rain, but allows vaporized perspiration to escape. Inner layer is a soft-brushed material that retains warmth. The total minimum order is 10 pieces.

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Choose from an extensive range of helmets from leading Italian brand Rudy Project or have a custom designed helmet to match your kit.

All helmets and glasses are designed and made in Italy.

Minimum order quantity applies.

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Choose from an extensive range of glasses from leading Italian brand Rudy Project or have custom designed glasses to match your kit.

All helmets and glasses are designed and made in Italy.

Minimum order quantity applies.

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Work without talented graphics team to establish artwork unique to your team

Our in-house graphics department works in tandem with our manufacturing facility in Italy to take your order all the way from conception to final printing.

Whether your team or organization has completed artwork or merely a rough idea for a design, we will work with you through every stage to help you realize your vision. We also have templates available for illustrator experienced designers.

Ideally you will have any logos in an editable PDF or Vector format and the same if you do have your own artwork. Colours should reference the Pantone Matching System, set solid coated. Logos must be submitted with all brand identity requirements including trademarks etc.

Email questions, graphics, logos, and ideas to